Smart Hands

The Azimuth Smart Hands team enables your own technical staff to be in multiple places at once. You may be planning a large national technology rollout, or you may just need us to meet your Engineer in San Francisco for the day. Whenever your key resources are booked, call the Azimuth Smart Hands team for technical assistance and project management support. Azimuth’s commitments are upheld and you can rest assured that the delivery to your customer will be flawless.

Our experienced project manager support team works in conjunction with yours. Our technicians manage every detail and keep key personnel informed throughout the process. This attention to detail and our strong internal communication allows for consistent delivery and greater visibility to field deployments and responsibilities. Working with the Azimuth Smart Hands team will result in greater cost savings and less on-site time for your engineers.

Our Smart Hands philosophy and goals are simple—provide quality service backed by experience and knowledge of the industry. Azimuth prides itself in our customer service and quality of work. Our team will meet your deadlines, comply with communications protocol, and exceed performance expectations.

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Find out what our customers are saying...

I want to thank your team for their efforts during the OYA switch upgrade project for the last few months.

I know firsthand of the issues that can arise with a site network upgrade and your team had pulled it off just about flawlessly with no major outages. I really appreciate the professional onsite support provided by Derek as well as the remote support from Justin and Mitch. Derek and the crew did make sure to stay in constant communications throughout the project so that any issues or questions were brought to my attention promptly. And when working alongside with Derek on site, we were able to work efficiently together to solve any glitches.

I am very appreciative of the assistance that the upgrade team had provided during this project and look forward to continued success throughout our relationship with Azimuth.

Best Regards,
Julie Noble
Sr. Systems Architect

In 2017, I had the pleasure of working with Azimuth to design and deploy a large video security system to help ensure the safety at our transit centers. The project was complex, and had construction, low voltage, and IT elements. Azimuth Project Management and technical Experts proved up to the challenge. They managed the entire process from start to finish and did a great job. Thank you Azimuth!

Bob Medcraft
Senior Operations Manager - CTRAN