access control

Access Control

Unfortunately for many homeowners, businesses and organizations, security has become an increasing concern. In many cases, adequate security isn't possible without some form of access control.

Whether you need to control access to specific areas or your entire property, Azimuth can get the job done. We can provide programmable keypads, card readers, even eye scanners that are used at a variety of entry points, virtually eliminating the expense of security officers. Visitors, customers and staff can undergo metal detection and be screened for a variety of other security purposes at both entry and exit points.

Access control components may be paired with surveillance cameras to provide a permanent record of the specific times of all entries and exits. This means security breeches can quickly be identified. Since the evidence is also watermarked, it is admissible in court.

Many companies and organizations require multiple levels of security clearance. Azimuth technicians can design a personalized system that allows you to control as many security zones and levels as you desire, eliminating the need for redundant equipment, codes, cards and keys. Your system can also be quickly reset in the event of staff changes or security breeches.

The good news is that the cost of sophisticated access control systems is now more affordable than ever. Want to learn more? Call us today.