commercial audio systems

Audio Distribution Networks

It's not just considered background music anymore. Today's audio distribution networks are designed to harness the emotional power of music to sell and motivate people, while also providing professional sounding intercom and paging. No matter how acoustically challenging the space, Azimuth can design and install a system to provide balanced full-spectrum sound, indoors and outdoors. We can also configure systems that allow control programming or sound levels by zone, optimally adjust music and volume based on the time of day and 'partition sound zones' to focus specific audio messages to particular areas (messages that can be triggered by motion). We can even use 'sound masking' to create speech privacy areas, which is often a requirement in today's regulatory environment. It all starts with a call to Azimuth.

Audio System Setup & Optimization

Even with the highest quality of components, audio systems can still perform poorly. In the process, they can also negatively affect your business. In most cases, the best solution is to have professional's do the setup and system optimization. Azimuth technicians are experts in balancing audio systems and in eliminating hot spots and dead zones. They can adjust equalization settings to compensate for acoustic challenges in specific areas. Sound latency in particular areas in your environment can also be a major issue. Paging and intercom functions should be optimized for consistent volume and sound quality. Azimuth’s highly trained technicians can correct these issues and many others. Don’t accept inferior sound. Let Azimuth optimize your audio environment today.

Intercom & Paging Systems

So you’ve decided to invest in an intercom and paging system. There are many important questions that need to be answered:

  • Who is it that you need to reach? Is it family, customers, staff, visitors...?
  • How often do you want to reach them?
  • How large an area are we talking about? Is it an office, a restaurant, a hospital, a factory, a campus...?
  • In what areas of your home or property do you need coverage?
  • Should pages or announcements be heard in specific areas an entire house, or throughout your property?
  • Are there gates or entryways requiring two-way communication?

At Azimuth, we've designed, installed and maintained thousands of paging and intercom systems of all sizes—for homes, businesses and even entire campuses. It all starts with a consultation so that we can recommend a system that’s perfect for your needs and within your budget. Call Azimuth today - we can help.

Call us today. We can help.

Whole House Audio Networks

Soft jazz in your dining room, soul in the game room, ambient sound by the pool… Azimuth technicians are experts in custom designing, installing, calibrating and servicing whole house audio systems. Using discreet in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, we can distribute balanced full-spectrum sound to any room or zone, indoors or outdoors. Enjoy different music simultaneously in different rooms, or with the touch of a button, get the party started with music throughout your home and property. Audio sources can include high capacity CD units, digital storage, satellite, cable, streaming audio, even classic components like turntables. Operate your system with handheld remotes and/or touchpads including built-in microphones for paging and inputs for connecting an iPod or MP3 player. Volume can be adjusted by room, by zone or globally. Best of all, it’s far more affordable than it sounds. Call Azimuth today and ask about whole house audio for your home.