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Computer Networks

Whether it’s to serve your home, a compound or an entire neighborhood, Azimuth has the experience and expertise to design, install and service your wired or wireless network. With a certified and knowledgeable staff and years of preferred vendor relationships in place with most major networking manufacturers, Azimuth delivers networks with outstanding track records for performance, flexibility and reliability.

New Computer Consulting

Are you considering the purchase of a new system? Ready for a computer upgrade but don’t know where to start? Computer specifications and manufacturers’ claims can be overwhelming and confusing. Azimuth can help. It all starts by discussing what you’d like to use your system for and how many family members will be using it. We’ll answer all your questions, discuss your budget and offer nonbiased system recommendations based on your individual circumstances. The end result will be a system that is perfect for your present and future needs. It’s that easy, when you consult with Azimuth.

Printers & Other Peripheral Devices

Manufacturers always advertise "easy installation", but most people realize that it’s rarely the case. Azimuth technicians can install, setup and optimize printers, external drives, scanners, card readers, DVD burners… and virtually any other device that interacts with your computers. Need the right device to service a network, reset your defaults or reconfigure your software? No problem – we have the solutions. Just call Azimuth.