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Security Systems

For most businesses and organizations security systems are of vital importance. Yet with so many high-tech capabilities, choosing the perfect system for your specific needs can be very difficult. That's where Azimuth comes in. Azimuth has designed, installed and maintained custom security systems for thousands of users. Our initial consultation is at no charge. We'll survey your facilities, understand your requirements and then discuss all your options.

Your system can include surveillance cameras as well as specialized sensors to detect intrusion, smoke & fire, carbon monoxide, water and other hazards. Advanced contact sensors can instantly identify any movement of valuables including company vehicles, trailers, equipment, tools, generators, servers or safes. You may decide to add access control as part of your security system. This may include keypads, card readers, metal detectors or even eye scanners.

When your system detects a problem, you and whoever you designate, can be immediately notified by email, phone or text. Police and fire officials can also receive instant notification. Many of our customers choose to have their own staff monitor their system or you can have all sensors and surveillance cameras monitored 24/7 by an Azimuth control center.

You can also access your system remotely through virtually any computer or through your Internet enabled cell phone or PDA. That means you can monitor staff or critical areas of your business while you travel. If your business has multiple locations, you can watch over all of them simultaneously.

It's important to realize that traditional commercial security systems depend on phone lines, which can easily fail or be disabled by intruders. Most are checked for functionality just once per month. Azimuth offers systems that are fundamentally different. Our system data flows securely over the Internet and, most importantly, is updated every 90 seconds.

Azimuth systems provide the ultimate in safety for your business with unique features not found in standard security systems. For example, in the event of a security alarm, your interior and exterior lights can be automatically illuminated. In the event of fire, your air conditioning systems can be programmed to instantly shut down to prevent the spread of smoke to other areas. If you need someone to enter your business without you being there, you can disable the system at any time, from anywhere. You can even remotely control an electronic entry lock. Yet with all these extra features, Azimuth security systems are competitively priced verses traditional systems. Want to know more? Call us today.