commercial video systems

Computer Troubleshooting & Repair

We understand that a failed/malfunctioning computer system can shutdown your business. Our Azimuth technicians are highly trained experts that can troubleshoot and repair virtually any computer or network problem quickly… and properly. As an authorized service provider for many of the most popular brands, we can also often provide full warranty service. So, when you have computer troubles, call us anytime- 24/7. Azimuth can help!

Backup Systems

Simply put, your business's computer data is far too valuable to lose. Don't take chances. Azimuth offers a wide variety of backup solutions for network systems of all sizes. Data can automatically be backed up weekly, daily or instantaneously. It's your choice. Would you prefer your backup data be housed in your office, remotely or, for additional protection, at a secure specialized data center or collocation facility? Azimuth can make it happen.

Virus & Spyware Removal

Experiencing unwanted pop-ups, sluggish performance, or strange error messages? Your system may have a virus or spyware infection. Often they can lurk in the background unnoticed until they suddenly activate… and then the damage is done. Besides destroying data and paralyzing your computers, viruses and spyware can expose sensitive information, such as account numbers and passwords, to criminals. Azimuth technicians will safely remove all viruses, spyware, malware and rootkits. We'll then repair any operating system issues and perform system critical updates. Most importantly, we'll make sure your system is set up to prevent future attacks. Don't take chances - call Azimuth today.

Computer Security & Performance

Most businesses understand the necessity for adequate computer security. Few, however, realize that security measures can also dramatically slow down your systems' performance. Azimuth technicians are experts in optimizing systems so that security and peak performance can coexist. We'll remove your unwanted programs and performance-stealing trial ware. Azimuth will perform all system updates, customize your security functions and tweak/test until your system delivers the performance it was designed for - all without compromising security.

Data Recovery

Nothing can debilitate a business like crashed data. Azimuth technicians have a long and successful track record of recovering lost data from PCs, external hard drives, disks, tapes, CDs, DVDs… even with flash media like memory cards and USB thumb drives. Whether you've accidentally lost documents on a functional drive or your system has suffered a complete failure, Azimuth can help.