Future Technology for Classroom and Education

Education Technology - Design & Installation

The right use of technology can bring your curriculum to life. And technology is what Azimuth is known for. Azimuth has designed, installed and serviced the technology fueling of hundreds of classrooms, labs, lecture halls, gyms, auditoriums, stadiums and entire campuses. Azimuth technicians are experts in flat screen, projection & multi-media presentation systems, computer networks, acoustic optimization, audio systems, motorized window treatments, climate and lighting control. Whether you need a complete design and installation or just a few technological issues handled, Azimuth can help. Call us today.

Computer Troubleshooting & Repair

We understand that failed or malfunctioning technology can quickly paralyze a teaching session or public function. Our Azimuth technicians are highly trained experts that can troubleshoot and repair virtually any technology-based issue quickly… and properly. As an authorized service provider for many popular brands, we can often provide full warranty service. So, when your systems are down or malfunctioning, call us anytime- 24/7. Azimuth can help.

Computer Set-Up & Optimization

Educators love our program because it's a complete "turn-key" solution. Azimuth will:

  • Unpack and professionally assemble your new PC or Mac computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers.
  • Install your operating system, security system and other software.
  • Hookup and optimize peripheral devices such as printers, scanners, card readers and external drives.
  • Configure Internet and email access.
  • Transfer your documents, pictures, email, etc. from your old computer to your new one.
  • Test to determine that everything is functioning properly and then…
  • Make sure you understand the basic operation of your system.

All you need to do is call Azimuth.

Internet Consultation & Setup

Broadband, WiFi, DSL, cellular, radio, satellite, dial-up… there are a dizzying array of options available for Internet service. But what's the best choice for you? Well, it really depends on a wide variety of factors and market conditions. Our Azimuth technicians will provide non-biased recommendations based on your unique circumstances and budget. We can also setup, network, configure and optimize your new Internet service and provide training for your staff members.

Hardware Installation & Configuration

Spare yourself from the hassle and problems of equipment incompatibility issues. Let Azimuth install your internal and external components including graphic cards, hard drives, optical drives, DVD burners, printers, scanners… and more. We'll reconfigure your system and install any software or drivers necessary so that your new device functions optimally. And, we'll gladly take the time to provide instructions and training for your staff.

Computer Networks

Whether it's to serve an individual classroom, a particular group of users or an entire campus, Azimuth has the experience and expertise to design, install and service your wired or wireless network. With a certified and knowledgeable staff and years of preferred vendor relationships in place with most major networking manufacturers, Azimuth delivers networks with outstanding track records for performance, flexibility and reliability.

Audio Systems

Azimuth technicians have years of experience designing, installing, optimizing and servicing audio systems for classrooms, labs, lecture halls, gyms, auditoriums, stadiums and entire campuses. No matter how acoustically challenging the space, Azimuth can provide balanced, full-spectrum, sound amplification, indoors and outdoors. We can eliminate sound latency, hot spots and dead zones. Equalization settings can be set to compensate for acoustic challenges presented by various building materials and environments. Paging and intercom functions can also be optimized for consistent volume and sound quality. Don't subject your students and staff to inferior sound. Let Azimuth optimize your audio environment today.

Flat Screen Installation

Azimuth technician's have the skills, experience and tools necessary to mount flat screen displays of all sizes on virtually any surface, professionally, safely and securely. After installing the wall bracket and mounting the display, we'll conceal wires, hook up & configure your video components, program your cable or satellite box, and calibrate your new display for optimal picture and sound quality. Then, we'll educate your staff on the operation of your new system. It's that easy, when you let Azimuth do the work.

Projection Systems

Today's hi-tech video projection systems come in a wide array of sizes and technology. Each system has their advantages and disadvantages. But all too often, it's the installation that plays the key role in a system's true performance. Don't trust the installation of your projection system to amateurs or companies with only home installation experience. At Azimuth, we've successfully installed thousands of projection systems of all sizes and environments, including hundreds within the education marketplace. Call us today and let's discuss your project.

TV & Video Setup & Calibration

No question about it, today's HDTV displays are capable of delivering startling picture and sound quality. But all too often, their performance comes up short due to improper setup and calibration. Azimuth's expert technicians can come to your campus and professionally calibrate your video displays to achieve the optimal picture for your unique viewing environment. Often that means calibrating several inputs. So whether the source is a Blu-Ray player, cable, satellite or even an internal network, you'll be seeing it the way it was meant to be seen. Of course, we'll also conceal wires, hook up & configure audio components and program your cable or satellite box. We'll then show you how it all works and if you desire, even provide written instructions.

Remotes & Touchpad Programming

Remotes and touchpad's are meant to simplify your life. But programming some of them can be a daunting task. What's the solution? Call Azimuth. Our technicians can quickly program your remotes and touchpads to control multiple devices and activities. If you want, we can also set up user IDs and passwords to restrict access. We'll also thoroughly test your controllers to ensure that all devices are working properly. Then we'll clearly explain to you and your staff how it all works.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing has become increasing popular in educational environments. At Azimuth, we custom design video conferencing systems that allow you to hold "face to face", secured meetings with students and educators from around the globe. You have the ability to include a select few or hundreds of participants. You can also share data, audio and video feeds. And the best news is it's easier and less expensive than you may think. It all starts with a simple call to Azimuth.

Motorized Window Treatments

No matter what your décor preferences are, your window treatments can be mechanized. What are the advantages? Motorized blinds and shades can be automatically adjusted throughout the day to accommodate for exposure to the sun, block harmful UV rays, and protect your valuable interiors. Besides increasing comfort and eliminating harsh glare from computer screens, motorized window treatments can also control heat gain and loss, which can translate to dramatic energy savings.

And then there's convenience. Motorization allows you to operate window coverings which are located in impossible-to-reach places. It's also the perfect solution for rooms with multiple shades, allowing for quick, easy and consistent adjustment.

If you're considering the advantages of motorized window treatments, you undoubtedly have questions. Call us - Azimuth has the answers.

Climate Control

Controlling energy costs has become a top priority for educational institutions worldwide. Reducing consumption has a direct impact on budgets, not to mention the aspect of environmental responsibility. At Azimuth, our technicians are experts in designing, retrofitting, installing and maintaining energy efficient climate control systems in rooms, buildings and campuses of all sizes. You'll have the ability to heat or cool only the zones you use and only while you're using them. We'll program your system to automatically switch to its most energy-efficient levels when people are not present. We'll help you set temperature thresholds, preventing property damage or excessive energy bills caused by improper adjustments of your thermostats. Now you can easily lower your energy consumption with sophisticated climate controls from Azimuth. It's probably less expensive than you think and, in most cases, will quickly pay for itself. Want to learn more? Call Azimuth today.

Lighting Control

Through the use of sophisticated algorithms, Azimuth brings intelligent control to lighting systems. You can program your lights to automatically adjust based on exposure to the sun. Create preset lighting scenes for flat screen, projection, multi-media and computer presentations. Automate auditorium, gym and stadium lighting as well. The result? No more fumbling, readjusting and complaints... just optimal lighting conditions at the touch of a button for all your educational needs