repair computer

Computer Set-Up & Optimization

Our clients love our program because it's a complete "turn-key" solution. Azimuth will:

  • Unpack and professionally assemble your new PC or Mac computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers.
  • Install your operating system, security system and other software.
  • Hookup and optimize peripheral devices such as printers, scanners, card readers and external drives.
  • Neatly organize all wires and cables.
  • Configure Internet and email access.
  • Test to determine that everything is functioning properly and then…
  • Make sure you understand the basic operation of your system.

All you need to do is call Azimuth.

Internet Consultation & Setup

Broadband, Wi-Fi, DSL, cellular, radio, satellite, dial-up… there are a dizzying array of options available for Internet service. But what's the best choice for your business or organization? Well, it really depends on a wide variety of factors and market conditions. Our Azimuth technicians will provide non-biased recommendations based on your individual circumstances and budget. We can setup, network, configure and optimize your new Internet service and also provide training for your staff members.

Email Consultation & Setup

Today, email far eclipses the volume of all land carriers combined. Yet many email systems repeatedly frustrate their users, reducing the productivity of your business or organization. No two email systems are exactly alike. Azimuth's technicians can recommend the right system for you, based on your unique circumstances. We also provide setup, configuration and optimization of your email, as well as training for your staff.

Mobile Access Consultation & Setup

With all the many advances in technology in recent years, the world can now literally be your office. Imagine how productive your team could be if they could utilize your office's computers at anytime from virtually anywhere. Azimuth technicians can design, install and maintain custom mobile access systems for businesses and organizations of all sizes.

Security is a key part of the design - you control who has access to each of the components of your system…and who doesn't. Call us and we'll help you take your office on the road.

Software Installation & Configuration

Need help installing, configuring optimizing or updating a new program? From business standards like Microsoft Office, Quicken/QuickBooks and TurboTax, to intensive industry-specific programs, Azimuth has the expertise. We'll even create a unique Desktop, Start Menu and Quick Launch Bar Access shortcuts so that your new software is always just a click away.

Hardware Installation & Configuration

Spare your staff from the hassle and problems of equipment incompatibility issues. Let Azimuth install your internal and external components including graphic cards, hard drives, optical drives, DVD burners, printers, scanners… and more. We'll reconfigure your system and install any software or drivers necessary so that your new device functions optimally. And, we'll gladly take the time to provide training for your staff.

Operating System Upgrades

Upgrading operating systems can dramatically improve system security, network performance and usability. But even in-house IT professionals freely admit that a simple operating system upgrade can easily become a major nightmare. Having performed hundreds of upgrades of many types and sizes, Azimuth technicians can help you avoid the pitfalls. We'll install your operating system, re-configure your existing hardware and software, and optimize your entire system… quickly, professionally and seamlessly.