commercial video systems

Projection Systems

Today’s hi-tech video projection systems come in a wide array of sizes and technologies. Each system has their advantages and disadvantages. But all too often, it’s the installation that plays the key role in a system’s true performance. Don’t trust the installation of your projection system to amateurs. At Azimuth, we’ve successfully installed thousands of projection systems of all sizes in a wide array of environments. Call us today and let’s discuss your project.

TV & Video Setup & Calibration

No question about it, today’s HDTV displays are capable of delivering startling picture and sound quality. But all too often, their performance comes up short due to improper setup and calibration. Azimuth’s expert technicians can come to your home or business and professionally calibrate your video displays to achieve the optimal picture for your unique viewing environment. Often that means calibrating several inputs, so whether the source is a Blu-Ray player, cable, satellite or even an internal network, you’ll be seeing it the way it was meant to be seen. Of course, we’ll also conceal wires, hook up & configure audio components and program your cable or satellite box. We’ll also show you how it all works and if you desire, even provide written instructions. Have an entire home or local video network that needs calibration? Azimuth can do that too.

Video Conferencing

Have you ever wished to be able to hold meetings with your staff while you’re at your vacation home thousands of miles from the office? How about a practical way to cut down on travel? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to have face-to-face discussions with your children while they’re away at college? Home video conferencing systems are a great solution. In addition, most businesses and organizations are continually searching for ways to cut costs and travel in today's uncertain economy, while still trying to boost productivity.Video conferencing is one great way to achieve this. At Azimuth, we custom design video conferencing systems that allow you to hold face-to-face, secured meetings with people from around the globe. You’ll have the ability to include a select few or hundreds of participants. You can also share data, audio and video feeds. Best of all, its easier and less expensive than you may think. It all starts with a simple call to Azimuth.

Video Networks & Distribution

Azimuth's engineers and technicians have a proven track record in designing, building and operating complex video networks and distribution systems. Want to take advantage of local channel origination and distribute programming throughout your building or campus or perhaps cash in on rebroadcasting opportunities? How about utilizing an interactive video network or even create a broadband distribution system for an entire community? It's all possible, and it all starts with a call to Azimuth.